HappyMod v2.3.8 – MOD App Store | Download for Android

HappyMod is a new generation App Store for Modified Apps and Games that generate premium features. By Installing Apps and Games from HappyMod, users can get more coins, paid features and premium subscriptions for free. Download HappyMod APK to get access to thousands of cracked and premium apps for Android.



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  • MOD Apps: HappyMOD is the biggest hub for Modified and cracked apps that will give users the best premium apps for no cost.
  • Older Versions: If any of the MOD apps does not support your Android device, you can always download the older version APK file for compatibility issues.
  • Trending List: Download the cracked versions of trending apps and games like Subway Surfers, PubG, Tetris and more games.
  • Simple UI: The user interface for HappyMod is designed similar to the Google Play Store to give users the best experience.
  • MOD Parameters: HappyMod provides you the parameters of each modified app to let users know the cracked features in each app.

HappyMod for Android Download

To download and install HappyMod on your Android devices, you need to install it manually via APK file. Download HappyMod APK from above and follow these steps.

a) Download HappyMod APK
b) Tap on the APK file to start the installation. If you get ‘App installation error’, follow step 3.
c) Go to Android Menu>Settings>Security.
d) Here, search for ‘Allow app installations from third-party sources’ and enable it.
e) Now, HappyMod can be installed on your Android device.
f) Go to the downloads folder and locate ‘Happymod.apk’ and click on it to start the installation.
g) Download Free Cracked Apps after installing HappyMod securely.

HappyMod v/s PlayStore

Let us now look into some major differences between Google’s PlayStore and HappyMod.

Contains cracked or the mod applications across all categories. Does not contain cracked or mod applications
Every app on the HappyMod store is absolutely for free and easy to access.Not all applications are free to download and access
Get unlimited access to the game/app’s features such as money, coins, etc. without earning. You need to abide by the game/app’s strategy to earn your coins, money, etc.

How to install HappyMod on PC?

Most of the users would like to use APK applications on their personal computers because they feel more protective in terms of misuses. But, to install and operate the APK applications, one needs to install the Android Emulator.

The Android Emulator acts as a medium to operate APK applications on your PC. There are many Android emulators on the internet today namely, Bluestacks, Nox, Memu, etc.

Select one of them and download the best suited for your PC. Our recommendation would be Bluestacks, as it has been the most efficient and most reliable for some time now.

a) To install and use the HappyMod APK on your PC, follow the simple steps listed below.
b) Install Android Emulator such as Bluestacks, Nox, Memu, etc.
c) Download the HappyMod APK file from the link provided above.
d) Install the HappyMod APK file and save it to your PC.
e) Open the Android Emulator’s application list and add HappyMod APK the list.
f) Now, open the HappyMod application in your PC using the Android Emulator.
g) Install the app and start to use it.

How does HappyMod work?

Although the function of the HappyMod is just as same as the Google PlayStore application, there are some benefits added to it. In the below lines, we will look at some important information regarding the HappyMod application and its functioning.

What you get in Google PlayStore is absolutely different from what you see here in the HappyMod store. The applications might be similar but their usage and functioning will definitely differ.

This is because the HappyMod handles only all the mod applications, games, etc. whereas Google PlayStore is more of a genuine app store. With the HappyMod app store, you get different genres of applications all at one place just like the other app stores with added benefits.

Download Non Play Store Apps

For example, consider the top game like Clash of Clans which while playing one depends on the amount of elixir and coins to build their clans and bases. When you download the Clash of Clans app from the Happy Mod application you can get all of the gold and elixir at an unlimited quantity.

Similarly, the apps in HappyMod contain cracked and hacked versions at a greater extent.

HappyMod for Android just works like the normal PlayStore or the App Store. The UI also appears to be similar so that users can distinguish between different categories such as apps, games, and new.

The apps section contains the different cracked applications; the games section contains the mod games; and, the new section consists of the new or the latest added applications.

Modified and Cracked Versions

Also, you can switch across various versions of the HappyMod app store application. You are very free and given access to download and use your favorite version of this app store and hence there is a lot more flexibility when compared to the other app stores.

Also, each mod comes along with a changelog that describes the parameters that have been modified in each one of them. This helps the user to identify the parameters and then deciding upon proceeding further.

Here is a gentle reminder that this app store is a pirated software so it remains illegal to use. So, operate the app smooth and have a clean experience.

How to update HappyMod?

Every application needs updates to enhance and improve its performances. Also, bugs and software lags are also very common instances faced by developers. So, they induce updates and by fixing those errors and any other complications in the app.

Now, how to notice and get up to date with those updates in HappyMod? Yes, just like the Google PlayStore, the apps in the HappyMod receive constant updates. You can simply update them whenever a notification prompts or can re-check every now and then.

Auto updates or Download Latest versions

Coming to the HappyMod APK, there are different versions updated every now and then. Users are very free to update or download the latest version or also can simply stick to one version of the application. This is not available for major app stores as if you do not update, the app might stop working soon.

So, this is a cushion backup in the case of HappyMod APK. Also, there is a section named NEW in the categories of app where one can easily get access to the newly added and updated applications and games.