Top 5 Music Composing Apps 2020

Can you imagine a world where there is no music? If this happens, it would be a disgraceful, aloof and uninteresting environment. Music captivates the mind, body and the soul and creates a positive ripple that turns the surroundings positive. If looked back in the time, music has its existence since time immemorial. There are many religious books where we can find traces of classical and aesthetic music. As the humans developed, musical instruments were made out of high-quality wood and ivory, which are still being played. By the advent of technology, electrical musical instruments were invented, and a lot was added to the world of music. Today, we have software and applications that can be installed in the computers and mobile phones and any amateur and non-expert guy of the music can let his creativity soar high.


We will be looking at the top 5 music composing apps that will help you to create a piece of exceptional and exemplary music:


Garageband by Apple


  • It is one of the most exceptional applications used by a majority of the population to create music and podcasts. 
  • It is one of the earliest creations by Apple, exclusively for the macOS operating system.
  •  It has a vast library of functions that allows users to create and compose multiple tracks. You can cut, add or modify a piece of track. It has pre-made MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops and a wide range of musical instruments effects and a sample of excellent voice recordings.
  • The app is beneficial to get a good start without any confusion. Although Garageband is not designed to make studio-quality music, it is a good start for someone who wants to get into the home-recorded music. There are many reference examples and tutorials that may help us to create our piece. 
  • Many professionals like Julianna Barwick, George Pringle, Usher, Rihanna etc. use Garageband for their creation. Some of the tracks have been nominated for the Grammy awards as well.
  • This app is free. You can get it on the Apple app store. You can give a try for Garageband on pc for a superior experience.




  • It is a digital audio workstation where you can create your music without any restrictions.
  • It can be installed and used on both Windows and macOS operating system.
  • It is available in several editions that have different functionalities and features. It has an unlimited number of instruments saved in its libraries.
  • Many mixing tools like Delay, Delay Bank, EQYOU, Flangus, Stereo Enhancer etc. have been installed that gives a tinge of professionalism for your track.
  • It has the sim synth live synthesizer, DX 10 FM synthesizer and the Wasp synthesizer instrument effects. There are also tools for production, plugin features and loop modification tools.
  • It has a free edition, but it has some demo features that need to be upgraded for getting a professional feeling.




  • It is another tool used for creating and composing your music. It is a free, open-source and cross-platform audio software that can be installed and run on Windows, macOS and Linux operating system.
  • It is a software that is available in 36 regional languages so that it can be used to a large extent. 
  • Audacity can be used for creating tracks and all types of audio tracks including podcasts by adding effects like normalization, trimming, fading in and out.
  • It has features like recording and playing back sounds, editing (cut, copy and paste with unlimited levels of undo), amplitude level editing, adjustments to the audio tempo and conversion of cassette tapes and audio tracks into digital ones.
  • It has a vast array of digital effects and plugins. Additional effects can be written and designed.
  • There is also a multi-track mixing system, importing and exporting of various audio versions and a full downloadable manual.




  • It is a versatile audio composing and creation system software, supported by Windows operating system. It is a proprietary of Sony Music company, exclusively designed for budding musicians.
  • Initially, there were only the features available for the modifications of the loops. Later on, the features were added to it. Now, we can create beats, tracks, mix and modify them according to our choice.




  • It is another digital audio workstation application program that has a lot of features to be explored by the young musicians.
  • It is an open-source, cross-platform software that can run on Windows, Linux and macOS. 
  • It has a combined feature of trackers, sequencers, synthesizing sounds and allows the creation of music by arranging samples and using a wide range of musical instruments. It has a lot of plugin options and a user-friendly interface.
  • It is a straightforward system to operate and requires no expertise for using it.
  • It has sing editor, beat+bassline editor, FX mixer, Piano roll and automation editor that help to make it feel like a professional piece.
  • It also has many synthesizer’s options like FreeBoy, Kicker, Mallets, Nescaline and many more.
  • Above all, it is entirely free and legit.
  • It cannot be used to create and record audio. It is moreover a synthesis software and tracker. Whereas, it is an excellent program for beginners where a lot can be explored and learnt.

These were our top picks from the list of music composing applications and software. These apps significantly reduce the cost of professional instruments and give the beginners a chance to explore and showcase their talents. Many of these apps have strict system requirements that are required for getting a great result. Most of them support almost all of the operating systems. Get the latest version of the system and the app to get a superior feature. This was all from our side. Get an app that suits all your need. Till then, keep rocking! 

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